Designed and manufactured in Italy with Made in Italy quality, these composters represent an intelligent solution for organic waste management in community and local composting.

The machines have two separate chambers that ensure that the material in the first chamber never comes into contact with the material in the second chamber; this favours the complete degradation of the organic waste and, after 60 days of processing, the production of quality compost.

Made of durable AISI 304 stainless steel, ideal for contact with organic waste, the composting machine can process several tonnes of organic waste per year, converting it into quality compost.

Our composters are entirely watertight; there are no leachate emissions; the heat generated by bacterial reactions does not escape from the machines, thanks to the insulated and weatherproof structure.

They can be placed outdoors without the need for covers.

All that is needed for installation is a concrete yard and a 230V or 400V electrical connection (depending on model).

The operation of the composting machine is divided into the following points:


Positioning of the machine on site, connection to the electricity supply, final inspection by the installation engineer.


The machine can be placed outdoors, without the need for any kind of shelter, as the construction is watertight. If placed indoors, it is necessary to connect a pipe that conveys air from outside to enable the aerobic process.


The machine may only be inspected by personnel who have attended a course conducted by one of our appointees, who will instruct them on all procedures for the operation and maintenance of the equipment.


If the machine is used according to the correct descriptions provided by the manufacturer, no unpleasant odours are produced.


The machine is watertight and no leaks can occur on the ground.

By introducing local or community composting, it becomes possible for municipalities to reduce the cost of collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of organic waste, which also means reducing pollution and traffic emissions.

It is no longer necessary to collect organic waste on a daily basis or to transport it even over many kilometres. In this way, zero-km compost avoids CO2 emissions due to fuel consumption.

Every citizen can deliver his or her organic waste to the community composter without having to wait for collection days.

Both small and large municipalities can install composting machines on their territory to serve their citizens, or within ecological islands.

The composting machine can also be installed at apartment buildings, company canteens, schools, retirement homes, residences, hotels or in general, at all producers of organic waste.

The installation of an electromechanical composter has proven to be particularly advantageous on islands or municipalities that are isolated or distant from disposal centres. With these innovative systems, collection costs are eliminated, as are transport and disposal costs; waste is transformed into a reusable resource, and CO2 emissions are reduced!

Locally produced compost can be used directly for gardening and floriculture. In this way, the closure of the cycle is complete and good practices become reinforced as established habits. Our machines produce no emissions and have very low consumption.

Each model differs mainly according to the amount of waste to be processed.
We are at your disposal to carry out the necessary analyses in order to provide the most suitable solution for your needs, taking into account any periods of peak organic waste production or other operational requirements.