Presence of several chambers for a better composting process: the waste in the second chamber does not come into contact with the fresh waste, the temperatures of the two chambers are managed independently for better development of microbial populations.

Internal arms for handling organic material. They are shear-built, so that the material can be turned over with as little effort as possible; furthermore, the material, by being turned over mechanically, undergoes optimal oxygenation, aiding the composting process.

Possibility for a complete service with turnkey plant and all-round support in cooperation with a specialised waste consultancy firm, so that municipalities can be supported throughout the bureaucratic and operational process to develop community or neighbourhood composting projects.

Positioning of the waste input door: for specific machines for direct citizen input: at a height of 90 cm from the ground, to allow use also by disabled persons 
for machines with a vehicle input system: at a height of 125 cm from the ground.

Possibility to accessorize the delivery system with weighing cells.

Thermal insulation, weatherproofing and maintainance of the internal conditions.

Weather-resistant, no need for shed or box.

The machine can be equipped with an integrated screen at the outlet.

Compactness: loading cell and composting chambers are united, and are supplied in a single block.

It is watertight and does not need to be paved with a leachate collection system.

Complete automation of material handling between chambers and of outgoing material.

Direct unloading of organic waste from the collection vehicle into the loading hopper.

Multiple inverters to reduce the possibility of breakdowns; each motor has its own inverter.

Continuous operation: it can receive waste at any time of the day.

Possibility to unload the output material (compost) without any operator requirement.

Modularity: modules can be added to increase the initial capacity or several installations can be placed in line.

Complete roll-off structure possibile.

Possibility of remote control.

Doors for easy access to inspection and maintenance.

Simple and intuitive interface.

Discharge at a distance of at least 50 cm from the compost heap: allows a large container to be placed there for automatic compost unloading.

Energy saving: the machine is managed by software to minimise the movements that occur according to short preset cycles.

A bag-opening auger inside the waste inlet, which allows the bags to be opened to improve and speed up the composting process.

EC certification.

No waste shredder:authorization issues for the use of shredders and demanding maintenance are avoided, also the quality of compost is not compromised by any shredded impurities.

Production and service entirely in Italy. The machine structure is manufactured and assembled in our factory; the electronic and mechanical components, of the best brands, are readily available in any specialised retail outlet.

Production of 0 km quality compost that can be reintroduced into the environment as a soil conditioner.

The compost is discharged automatically via an auger placed at a suitable height for unloading, either into small containers or, for larger capacity machines, into large skips specially designed for compost storage.