Load capacity 130 tonnes/year

COMPOST 130 with manual feeding system is a fully automated electromechanical composter.
It transforms the delivered organic waste into excellent nutrient-rich compost, reducing the volume of the treated organic fraction by up to 70 %.

The composting process is very simple with ECOPANS composters:

INPUT: Organic fraction with the addition of 10-12% cellulose wood structuring material;

PROCESS: The automatic and completely aerobic process, which takes 60 days, allows the transformation of organic material into compost that will be ejected from the machine's end nozzle into a specially placed container. The 60-day cycle duration ensures that the outgoing compost has already reached a degree of biological stability whereby neither odour nor leachate will be emitted, a problem that could occur in cycles of shorter duration;

OUTPUT: Compost of excellent quality already stabilised, and requiring only 30 days of storage to be used. Willingness to provide bio-chemical analyses performed on compost produced by similar plants. 

  • COMPOST 130


Electromechanical composter COMPOST 130
Maximum capacity for
130 tons
Maximum capacity for
daily input
356 kg
Machine dimensions 9.00 m X 2.30 m
x height 2.30 m
Power supply 400 Vac – 50 Hz
Odour suppression filter With biodegradable enzyme bark and system
for vapour/condensate recovery
of the biofilter.
External and internal structures made in sturdy steelwork AISI 304 steel - manufactured entirely in Italy
Manual loading system Height between 95-120 cm
for direct user input.


  •  Bin tipper system;
  •  Remote control of the machine;
  •  Weighing cell;
  •  Controlled access system;
  •  User identification system;
  •  Pellet feeder;
  •  Biofilter outlet gas monitoring system
    CO2 – CH4 – NH3 – H2S;
  •  Automatic sifter shaker integrated in the composter.


  •   Flat concrete or asphalt platform;
  •   Water supply connection for cleaning the area;
  •   Power supply with suitable switchboard for machine connection (Ecopans will provide the necessary information).


Periodic check of safety systems, lubrication of bearings, change of the biofilter bark (which can be reinserted into the machine itself as it is compostable material), general checks on the machine to ensure it is working properly.